Helping Families of the Las Piñas Fire

On April 25th, 2018 a group of Blue Ocean Humanitarian members went to tour the Las Piñas Pilar Village and deliver food and other items that were made possible by generous donations.

As we toured the area, it was surprising how much burned out rubble remains that needs to be cleared.    The concrete block walls  are almost all that remain of the homes.  Less than half the families that occupied homes in the village are still there, likely those without alternatives.  A handful of families have had the means to purchase new wood braces to support the corrugated metal sheets that have either been reclaimed or replaced.  The rest have draped tarps over concrete walls to shield them from the rain.

Over 900 meals were made available to approximately 200 families.  This in addition to earlier donations for tarps and blankets were made possible through generous donations.

It was heart warming be privileged to see the gratitude in the eyes of the recipients of the donations.  Their greatest need continues to be roofing materials so they can rebuild their homes before the rainy season comes.  

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Las Piñas Fire

Nearly 1,000 Familes lose homes to fire in Las Piñas, Philippines

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A fire ravaged a poor neighborhood in Las Piñas, Philippines destroying 575 homes and affecting nearly 1,000 families.  

Families have been forced to sleep on a concrete covered basketball court or in burned out shells of their homes now without roofs or protection from the elements.